Dove Siamo Dove Siamo Dove Siamo Spello is situated at the foot of Mount Subasio, hence the name of the natural Park of Mount Subasio. The Mountain is a natural frame linking and dividing at the same time the town centres of Assisi, Spello, Valtopina and Nocera Umbra as a unifying element of the landscape. History, nature and culture merge in this mystical cradle of the Franciscan spirit.

Spello is famous for its evocative Roman village. This is the Umbrian town where most traces of Roman era were discovered: the Augustan town walls and gates (Porta Venere, Porta Consolare and Porta Urbica), the thermae and the ruins of the amphitheatre.
Nowadays Spello is renowned for its famous "Corpus Christi floral decoration". It's a real chef-d'oeuvre of Spello's folk manual ability, having a sacred nature. For a striking view there is the "Belvedere di Posterula": it is the highest spot of the town.

Distances from the Bed&Breakfast to:

Foligno 7 km
Assisi 12 km
Montefalco 20 Km
Bevagna 10 Km
Trevi 20 Km
Valtopina 35 km
Nocera Umbra 25 km
Terni e Cascata delle Marmore 60 Km
Perugia 30 Km